Saturday, February 25, 2006

Went to IKEA to buy some TV stand. What nice about IKEA is since it has so much variety that you are bound to find something very close to what you are looking for. We did and came home, constructed and done. Do not want to live a house filled with IKEA stuff but using it wisely is alright.

What we thought funny was even some of the plain simple stuff, they had some designers' pix on it. People care??

Just had a generator and voltage regulator replaced by RMG. Cost me $520 but could I have done it myself? Unfortunately not. Now the interior light is very bright at night and so far she is running fine too. It seems that idle is stable at 1000 rpm and since the belt was replaced, it sounds a bit stiffer and mechanically sound as well.

Bought a sofa from Milan. This is the kind I always wanted and now I have place to put it. Order was placed last November, so took about 2month to get here. Not bad.

It got to SFO and drove my wagon 9PM to get it and they forklifted the half on top of my wagon. I think it was overloaded weight wise but I did it anyway. Way back on freeway, all the wrapping flew away. I almost lost one of the cushion came with it. Phew.

Sew up the new leather for the coupe. The leather cost $60 from Florida who makes all kind of leather cover for old to new German cars. The sewing went well and now the car at least feels like brand-new.

Angelino's Restaurant in SJ.
Pizza tasted good. Thick and fried well at the bottom and topping is fresh and not cooked too much. Cheese was amazing.
Pasta is one of those already-cooked kind but one of better one within that genre. $34 for 4. Not bad.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Went to Chicago to see Frank Llyod Wright especially the Robbie house. Also saw Trinity church and FLW’s home. Robbie house was most impressive appearance wise.

It was interesting to hear that the original owner the Robbie only lived there a year and half since his father died and his will was to clean the debut so his son had to sell his brand-new house. Well, can not tell how much he loved his father but a dead man can not speak, so if he loved his new house so much, I am pretty sure there was a way to keep the house. However he did not, so I suspect that the new owner did not find the new house as comfy as he thought he would. Also the guide (Susan, the Trinity ;-) was saying that they had a basement where FLW did not design furniture for it and where Robbies placed some of THEIR furniture and end up spending much of their time there.

The house looked nice but I bet it was not so nice to live.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Kids could play there all day. We could do too. We brought some paper to kill our time but were surprised to see no adult was killing time but playing serious with their kids. Great place. $30 for 4 with AAA discount.

It is located by the planet Naboo ;-)

Right by the sea. Great location and nice interior. We had garlic crab but the crab got cold quickly. Otherwise it was good. 3 hours free parking comes with it so next time we will take up on that. $75 for 4. Not bad.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Nicely deco interior. Feel like MJ Fox back in the future. Food wise, below In'n Out Burger above BK.
Many were ordering shakes.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Nice and cheap. Do not know about safety of the meat but tasted good.
In Mountain View.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Done by guys who done Train Spotting. It shows that they are obssesed with trains. Decent but not great. Loved the ending song. $3.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Nice interior (hori gotatsu) and cool waitresses but cold temp. Food wise alright. Might go back on warm night. $25 for 2.5 people.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Secret Garden Korean on 3430 El Camino, Santa Clara.
OK. Food and atmosphere wise somewhere between Tofu House and House of Tofu.
Do not mind again.