Sunday, February 28, 2010

Xanath ice cream, mission SF.

Viracocha, mission SF.  Cool antique shop.

Cool ducati

Mint but weird Mustang 351 in Mission, SF.

Found a beautiful frog-girl in Santa Clara.

Farina, italian in SF.  Good pasta, so so Pizza, great location and interia.  Would come again.

I read in yesterday's WSJ that some dude in Dubai ordered 10 of this one-77 Astons. Aston initially said "no way, jose" but Oil rich offered $900K premium for each car and Aston said "but, of course" Not well put design as Vantage which I think one of the best looking car today but only 70 in the world makes certain dude hard for them, i guess.

More from Boston globe on Chile earthquake. We are certainly having a lot lately. I think Okinawa just had one too.

Pic from Boston Globe on Chile. this one is after Tsunami.

New Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The thin line from tail bumper to tail lamp is screwed up but overall looks tight. Does it replace famous Giulietta design legend? Nope.

interesting architecture and design but if you had a huge party and they all wanted see the view from the tip....
from web: Casa No Gere comes from architects Graça Correia and Roberto Ragazzi and is located in an unconventional environment. Deep in Portugal’s national park.

if I ever build home theater which is never, this seat will be chosen.
Kube comes from EOOS.

i always wanted a house with chalk board wall.

fun design but it is useful? I do not know. by Maison NW.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Here comes the sun after strong rain.  No dirt in the air.  Wonderful.

Friday, February 26, 2010

not sure if SAAB gonna survive or not but they did some stubborn yet nice design.

Another fantastic show by Canadian circus team. The wall jumping was sublime.
ovo by cirque du soleil.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New aston door opening design is interesting. it opens non-horizontally. May be they use a shock to operate?

New aston door opening design is interesting. it opens non-horizontally. May be they use a shock to operate?

I do not get this clip. why was he driving so fast? To stop E.T. from leaving us?

kind a new it by heart but

another cool shoe design
Shoes by Tea Petrovic

i love funky shoe design

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

wonderful birthday phrase from web. Dig.

Here's to the crazy one. The mercurial. The rebel. The market maker. The lucky guy with the new liver. The one who sees things differently. He's not fond of rules and bad typography. And he has no respect for mediocrity.

You can praise him, disagree with him, quote him, disbelieve him, glorify or vilify him. About the only thing you can't do is ignore him. Because this guy created the personal computer market, he introduced the first commercial computer with a graphic user interface, was booted from his own company, then came back, saved it from death, reinvented one of the best operating systems on the planet, reinvented the music player, kicked the record companies on the balls, failed to reinvent TV, reinvented the cellphone OS as we know it, got a cancer that means almost-certain death, recovered, and he's back in business, hopefully for a long time, and trying to change the computing world once again.

He invents. He sometimes has a very bad temper. He healed. He came back. He created again. And he keeps inspiring. Or at least, he inspires me.

Happy 55th birthday, Steve.

lotus evora hybrid concept. Cool graphic design.

Why tissue box had to be boxy? Nice lovegrove-ish design.
Momo by Chaiyut Plypetch for Propaganda

Cool and light.

from web:
Bedfordshire office Nicolas Tye Architects set about building this new studio for themselves when the company outgrew a space in the director’s home

need to develop long flying chopper OK level clip. little lame for MIT.

Honda concept tricycle. A bit Gundam-ish design but nice.


New beloved Zaha going to be build in Jordan?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Damn it, did he throw away the poles? Not good clip for green peace.

1143 Tangerine Way, SV Eichler. I like the layout of this house. $1mil.

I do not know who makes it or where I can see it but this is a shot of Radio Controlled track. Love that detail. Robbe MAN mil gl 6×6 - Camion militare Radiocomandato

Come on Mercedes, I dare to ship like this.

Just angle of this looks like it is in Martha's vineyard or some but it is located somewhere in the huge city. It is a penthouse pad in like of NYC. I want something like this. Berry Street, Clerkenwell by David Chipperfield

i have not bought Nike for decades for some reason I can quite pin point but looks like they are back in town with cooler designs. I like the color combo as well as their whatever innovation to state this style as Running shoes.
from web: new hi-tech running boots from Nike. "Addressing the need for stability, flexibility and weatherproofing, the HTM2 incorporates Nike Free natural-motion technology combined with a lightweight, water-repellant, four-way-flexible upper." Available exclusively in Japan and at Nike 21 Mercer.

More picture of VitraHaus by Herzog & de Meuron. Love this hard wood and black wall combo architecture.

Pre ad in Times Square Subway.

LA Sunset Blvd. Pre ad.

Chicago Bus

A little Bjork-ish clip. mix by stephan pomponag. He also mixed The Concorde Lounge for Casa.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

cool high heel design

Showroom for Vitra. VitraHaus by Herzog & de Meuron. I think I like H&DM architecure over Rem now days after reading Rem 行動主義

Sony inter changeable camera. I thought it was concept since the design is so premature but looks like they are selling as is.

Contrail image. Looks toxic but some say it is clean...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Smell the rain.

Paul Smith, I usually like your design direction but why you mess up clean Stelton with crap like this? Just do your signature color wit and get on with it.

new Mercedes CLS? The front face look like cat fish with bad face lift.

steam punk mouse. cool design but do not dig portion where you have insert your pinky.

Friday, February 19, 2010

hey aston, what did i do to you to stare at me like dat

Interior of Sanaa rolex learning center. I want to blast R/C car in there.

Rolex Learning center. i can find out the location but since I won't be able to go see inside anyway, i won't bother. by Sanaa. interior is cool too.

when SANAA designed this chair for Maruni compe, i thought it was a crap. But now starting to like it. Shit.

The latest BMW bike capable of 14200RPM. That is 236 revolutions per second!
Amazing bavarian engineering.

yale dude did this. cool, now design it.