Monday, October 31, 2011

what is the chance of you getting hit by eagle up in the air when paragliding.
digging this wool option. I can see doing on Nike Free with red on black.  NIKEiD Air Force 1 Returns With Wool Option

Australian electric super car. hire an real ID.

cool fixie for polo from Yorgo site
nissan nyc yellow cab for 2012. looks like it is getting a lot of hints from london taxi.

nike promotion clip

'Ltd Tools' Side-Flip iPhone Case
Colorware Blackberry Curve 9360.  I think every ID on this planet thought about this kind a shape once or twice within last 10 years.  Beautifully shot.

Petman robot from Boston Dynamics.  looks cool.  why he has to do push ups, i am not sure.

vw beetle 1952 Karmann Kabriolet for sale at $160K.
interesting 4 different beauty goods package directions. image via wallpaper gallery.

apple tasty catalog from 1983 via bit rebel.
one extra thing to go see other than Le Corbusier's chapel at: dominique perrault: new longchamp racecourse

woud've been fun if we could walk in it. buenos aires: ernesto neto

bollywood sfx exceeding hollywood

DEUS EX HOMINE - San Francisco 3D Moco Time-lapse from Peter H. Chang on Vimeo.
type writer robot

Sunday, October 30, 2011

there is a miniature battle ship on sale at Ebay for $80K. jetski powered, cool.

new nau 2011 fall

some might dig it but something is wrong with this bathroom concept to me.
Angle from Michaël Harboun on Vimeo.

Initially I thought whack?  but shouldn't judge it by the still image: watch the clip. ANGLE BLUETOOTH HEADSET BY HARBOUN, COUBRONNE, CHABRIER
wonder which species can match pink gold good on this planet. nooka: rose gold watch
am sucker for this kind of larger scale model which usually created by the manufacture's design department.  Renault 4
mesh, layer and silver, could be nice with better graphic pattern.  Adidas Basketball AdiZero Rose 2 – Silver Lining

four fog lamps might be a tad too much but i get it. MINI Monte Carlo Edition

Funky wine labels ready for party

a bit Porsche Museum ish but open. JDS architects: euralille youth centre

DC Shoes X West Coast Customs X Toyota Ultimate Motocross Truck