Wednesday, November 30, 2011

concept bike by MIKHAIL SMOLYANOV
contagion trailer

Hester van Eeghen bag.  love inside surprise color

yamaha pas.  nice ID

Porsche 911R look in matte

liking the blackout look TSOVET Series No. Four: SVT-AX87 Wristwatch $750

michael young watch

Whack? copying Audi and licking Lexus pen? Japanese car ID
definitely on downhill. New Subaru concept.

chicago t-shirt

enigma like Crypteks USB Drive


hook you

big fixie

pimpy Casio G-Shock – Hyper Complex GA-110

Dove Stools by Brian Steendyk

work lamp by Mathieu Servais. just add speaker inside then want.

ODDIO1 iPod Shuffle headphone

magic fingers
baby car robot

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

whack? train

BMW M table

nissan juke souped up version. why lipstick a pig?

Volkswagen Cross Coupe, Walter, I like you.

big iphone case make it look like old moto

iphone case with a horn.  love it

new way to place a reflectors? fixie

liking the green and black rim. fixie

good detail wrapping things where it gets rub. fixie.
cool way to shoot something. fixie in a sewage pipe up side down

monolith cubes

love the frame ceiling detail and am sucker for glass cube wall.  The Fat Cow Restaurant, Singapore

does not look 007 smart but Iguana 29 Ground Boat

Brabus is pimping up the ride
love the concrete ceiling. much warmer than Tadao's clean but cold room.  Patio House, Brazil.
need to get out more often.  fixie worn saddle


fixie baby

cool shade blind sunglass. Bjørg 2012
McDonald in France by Patrick Norguet. Don't eat there so guess missed it the last time I was there.

something about this lamp give me an inspiration for CE ID
just saw whales in Santa Cruz bay. Some say, this year many whales are staying near coast or into bay. Big earthquake? Fin lounge chair by Naoya Misawa

Villa Plus by Waldemarson Berglund in Stockholm. Love the stone wall