Monday, April 30, 2012

W taipei bar biz card stash shaping W. Nice touch.

Because of you, I don't get lost in Taipei.  101.

Taipei market, fantastic mix of smells.

Ape store in Taipei.  Think wrong location.

never seen door less Mercedes SL

electric bike by Yuji Fujimura, NYC.

wow. Asian economic rankings chart on economist. thx R.

Nice rivetted cases at Taipei W store.

this folding bike is evolving annually.  The latest one at W Taipei.

Microsoft buying bug chunk of nook.  Good or evil?  Usually when Microsoft buys a company it goes down...

Icon Bronco.  Very cool interior switches as well.  Did he say Nike?  Do not see much connection but who cares.
Beautifully documented.
Rimac Concept One car. It has the similar side swooping detail as BMW i8 but more agressive yet a bit unrefined plus front wrap can be better.
Floor style chair, like Za-isu from J called Tuoli by Pasila Design.  Liking the material choice and the crease on the back.

holly crap. glass floor bathroom. By Hernandez Silva in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Inflatable Air Bonsai
just bought Canon S100 and loving it but soon phone will be camera or vice versa. iPhone grip.

Scale Wooden Roller Coaster ($700)
book called Norman Bel Geddes Retrospective. Visionary ID. Check out his own logo.
windows within iPad.

nice fireplace
tasty white painted wall
w taipei pool pretty slick except bar is right next to it so you need to breath cigar and booze while swimming.  Also tough for guard to off drunken dipper.
Bugatti paper model

not sure legitimacy of this Bentley ad.
Rumor has it Nokia might sell Vertu brand to a UK VC called Permira.  Never dug the design or the concept but hope Vertu raised some bar in Asia in term of manufacturing.  RIP.

rem looks like peter i miss.

kind an abnormal lines and plot but kind a nice. We Bought a Zoo 2011. B-

Sunday, April 29, 2012

striped McLaren
striped mad VW beetle.
one of the 1st gen of motorcycle will be in auction. note, engine is in the wheel. Expecting to reach round $34K. I think it could go more.

beautifully shot water dews by Sharon Johnstone
beautiful shot bike riders in spain.
nike air max 95 meaning originally sold in 1995 now get a Nike+ feature. Good design die old.  Now please try to make it fly knit style, Mark.

bear falling

Saturday, April 28, 2012

 Lamborghini Cheetah PV

AUDI Q3 'golden dragon' concept for kite surfers

concrete business card

Patagonia founder article on wsj.  73 and still riding the wave.  Surf up.

Tom Dixon on wsj mag.  Good stuff.

Buick eight opening hood