Thursday, May 31, 2012

MOTO Yamaha XV1100
Acura synchronized commercial

SWB narrow porsche
Do not know what the office is for nor I care. Looks fabulous.  Belgian knows design. By Govaert & Vanhoutte
New double decker in the UK is designed by a firm called Heatherwick Studio who also designed the sublime Shanghai UK Olympic pavilion.  After knowing that, now the bus looks fantastic....

Wait no wait, I have been listening Lenny for 21 years?!@#$
music made using Google street view but shown on Vimeo.
narrow aka long nose porsche clip.  thanks KK

Corbusier ish house but nice and compact.

love this bathroom sans the tub legs.
NIKE TW 13 GOLF SHOES. Love the red lace one pointer. Could sell as normal shoes sans weird spikes.
Mercedes AMG GL63 with B&O speakers. I thought Audi had exclusive with the B&O but guess not. Sheet metal ID is an OK level but they need to change the designo logo. Anything with Serif is Buhao. Never seen the AMG logo on the key like this.

Ray Ban, your marketing lads are better than I thought.

RIM, you need to pay attention to where the paper put your ad.
dictators and cars article
something on Z does not look right but this clip is fun.
Nissan Leaf vs. Z.

does not have wind guard but looks so good. Snowpeak Baja Camping Burner

Blank USB drive by Saburo Sakata.
NTT docomo dual touch screen Android prototype
Sauber F1 cut away.  Amazing how much they revealed it and how low pilot's butt is to the ground.
Did I hear 10mm?  No way.

moving pizza truck in sf
French tub rider.  I have been hearing this BGM a few times recently.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


slovakia gas station

donna summer rip

real life banksy
Samsung smart TV pv

Rudi Pendant lamp so simple by Lukas Peet
extravaganza paint ball clip.  playing with no or thin shirts...  its gonna hurt.

sony homeshare speaker 500. Looked fresh

mercedes G camper. 1981 Mercedes Benz 290GD Camper

monkey synthesizer
Lichtkiste byClemens Tissi. Light side table which can change the face by moving pcs around. Very nice.

carbon wheel on Cervelo
motorola initial cell phone pv.  only 850grams.
did not know Motorola made TV sets.  1948
Boeing 747 jumbo jet waiting to be scrapped trying to fly out of it in Mojave CA jet boneyard.  Wonder why was it parked with flap down.

zip-shooter for shooting video horizontally or vertically.
riding fixie clip in NYC
disaster cafe in spain where you can experience magnitude 7.8 while eating.
bbc on japanese bento graphic

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

not sure where but i smell Florida.  Love the low ceiling, white wall and the sky color on this photo. Of course beautiful fixies helping.  Candy Black design boutique

miniature paper japan city by Yumiko Matsui
radiation detecting smartphone by softbank japan. Happens to be waterproof as well. Wonder what the circle dot on the front is.
new Aston ? Looks like keep concept but (hence) not as instant classic as the current one