Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic road bikes

Like Gaudi. Hypnagogia by Ryo Matsui Architects

matte black bike. BANDIT9 NERO MOTORCYCLE

Lexus LS bamboo interior

Porsche 918 Spyder a la Martini
Mercedes wagon from early 90's. Nice to see rear fully open like this. No ID curves.

Fantastic Olympic Illustration by Charis Tsevis

Greece Hydra, this is how i remember it.

middle finger candle by Nao Matsumoto for no nuclear energy protest.
just saw the real thing. Amazed by how Nike was able to produce this technology to so many variation in such a time span. Must have a good Ops. Nike fly-knit.
Aman resort opened new pad at Bodrum, Turkey.  It layout and proximity to the beach looks like Balangan Villa at Jimbaran, Bali.
japanese yokan pictomation
people pushing for this Delite machine.  Break Dancing, praying, pushing for 5000 times etc.
portable ID kit complete with 3D printer.  Add solar on the back of lid and battery then perfect.
we know less about plant than the generation before. It has been like that for a few cycles. What would happen to my kids... Brutus plant special.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ventura SPARC MGS digital automatic watch. I love Ventura ID.

Dolce & Gabbana DS5 Chronograph Watch digging it just for rendering anal-ness
just heard this tune in Nike shop SF, De La Soul by Eye Know.  Beautiful selection.  with Steely Dan sprinkle.
Ductile Iron TR Flex Pipe by US pipe. Kind a long name. Used for SF underground sewage or wiring. Had nice texture and tactile.

nice colored logo. Technicolor in Palo Alto. Wonder what they do.
Palo Alto Speedometer made me a little brass pinion gear I needed to fix 69 Porsche odometer for $16. They are located in very prime location in Palo Alto.

graffiti in Soquel, CA

what was Subaru ID thinking doing half ass two tone design like this?

69 porsche
Shopping cart equipped fixie in SF


Reel bike carrying system. OK for a baguette but mine is superior...
Shavit-Electronic Adjustable Superbike by Eyal Melnick. Like showing the sketch on extra space of rendering.

Teapot with legs for space to warm it up called Tripot.