Wednesday, July 31, 2013

影法師 by 百田 尚樹 Shadow by Hyakuta who wrote forever zero. pretty good.

motoped engined MTB ruising in Santa Cruz

Beautiful Citroen 2cv light gray hue

Good old Grundig

clear bath sink called Kub basin Victor Vasilev

BMW i3 charging socket detail. Looks different from Leaf and Volt...

Beautiful camper BOWLUS ROAD CHIEF $100K

Lego Architecture Studio ($150)
Patek Philippe slick minute repeater chime movement clip

Suzuki concept car lights

The best looking toy robot.
Yammar tractor by Okuyama ex pinninfarina ID 

Rubbee portable electric bike kit.  Charge it for 2hours, Attach it in 2 sec, run for 25km, max 25kph.  Wish ID was a tad slicker but a great idea.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Toyota Supra evolution. 1982~1986 might be my fav.
The Industrial Design.  Lucy task lamp designed by Franco Clivio for ERCO

Kana Nakanishi beautiful bench called W1200xD380xH480
Justin Timberlake - Take Back The Night $7 per haircut.  Cheap

Marc Jacobs Beauty bottle graphic

Audi 2014 RS7, why would ruin the perfect body by aero kits?
LG CURVED OLED TV $15K.  Korean is really making the future.  Tech capital is shifting, I am afraid.
Foster Cathay Pacific 1st class seating.  Nothing new but angle and treatment is nice.
BMW i3 Drive stick which take care start/stop and shifting.  Might as well include turn signal (tilt) windshield wiper (twist) highbeam (pull) and you are all set.  Merc users will get it NP.  On top of MMI or iDrive, you can draw via capacitive touch panel.

Monday, July 29, 2013

good sandwich graphic
BMW i3 promo clip.  Why would they shoot it in LA but has Munich, German license plate?  If they were to admit the LA is better then shoot it in CA plate.  Anyway, looks like driving range is about the same as the Nissan Leaf, so let's see who nailed acceleration and brake feel because Leaf ain't that bad and has about 2 years of head start.
'taskone' swiss army knife iPhone case by tasklab. iPhone 4, you can open bottle without it.

BMW i3, interior is good.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nice Volvo color white light green.

wrong with saab
1970 Land Rover Series IIA on Ebay $32K.  Love the pure functional back up light location and treatment.