Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tax the Rich Jaguar XJ220 clip

wheelbase longer than I thought....

stubbing penguin animal toy

pastry cushion futon bed
Connie & Ted's LA seafood restaurant. Lobster Roll, Fried Calamari, Interior and Service were good but other fried stuff is not so.
dinasour attack

Friday, August 30, 2013

porsche 991 = 911 GT3 brag clip
another petrolicious beautiful clip on almost million mile porsche 356.

cigarette smoke can play decent scene

so good 桐谷美玲
don't know Jay Z...  May be a miss.  Made In America with Ron Howard

Carbon Hakosuka Skyline GT R ish special. Love the dash

BMW 2002 with M engine in it hence M2 on Ebay.
what drives you

Netsuke ?
Linear motor car, magnet leviated train in J doing 311mph or 500kph

amsterdam: the student hotel. Feels like Google dorm

Squirrel wing suits


Thursday, August 29, 2013

french film? shot in LA called Speed Of Love + PORSCHE 911 but I think it is 912...
Toyota celebrte 50th million cars in the US.

perfect rainbow surfer Oahu's Zak Noyle photographed surfer Christian Redongo

Laptop Backpack by Katharina Eisenkoeck
glow in the dark fixie with special paint. one hour daylight equal to one hour glow they said. So 2 hours = 2?
Peugeot refining its ID. More like VW hence pragmatic.  Alubeam liquid silver finally into production car?

Kia concept. Good overall dash texture balance is especially Chowayo

a way to display a motor bike

beautiful horned beetle aka kuwagata

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Space shuttle gas tank oddyssey
I want to time machine back to time when this kind catalogue wow ed people. Braun catalogue / product card.