Monday, September 30, 2013

Finland Police with Mercedes CLS station wagon
The amazing products of Weird Sony.  Story here.
The Basilica of the Vatican in the afternoon, 1971 so less crowded. Airplane, oversea travel, population increase and little riches are over flowing world site everywhere. Good and bad.
San Francisco science museum called Exploratorium has a exhibit which spits water in very unexpected way when its span.
michael schoner: folded aluminum chop carafes.  Love the form theory looking like prying a pcs off of a solid.
1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC convertible converston by Touring for sale at $70K

BMW asymmetrical bike beaut

Origami bow tie and suits

weathered Porsche

Sunday, September 29, 2013

powerful bike graphic

Global branding chart Apple and Google then Sugar Water aka Coca Cola.
Osteria Coppa Italian in San Mateo. Pasta B+. Pizza B-. Service B. $150 for 5.

1964 Porsche 901 Coupe
1962 Porsche 356 B 1600S Cabriolet &1959 Albatross Corsair 15 foot Imp class Power Boat with matching Porsche interior for sale.

old Porsche poster

Pyramid House by Juan Carlos Ramos
accident, lake swim, hunter and oh deer.  Beautiful German forest.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

From Porsche 911: Forever Young, by Tobias Aichele
"To be precise, the Fuchs wheel was formed by the following steps. A pressed piece of stock was forged to make a forging blank. Next, drop forging the blank produced the ventilation holes and deburred the flange. A further drop forging step resulted in a split flange, before the workpiece was widened by rolling. And here is the secret advantage of this complex manufacturing process: the Fuchs wheel stayed in production for so many years because it could be rolled to any width desired. The forming process resulted in a wheel with a completely finished inner side. The outer, visible side of the wheel was turned on special lathes, which resulted in the smallest possible wheel imbalance. A carefully developed surface finish -- polishing, anodizing, and painting -- permitted different design variations over the years and assured high corrosion resistance."

Elizabeth chair now made by Kitani in Japan under license.
Kankoku en, Japanese style Korean BBQ shop from Ohita.
One in Fukuoka as well.   Reimen is the best. Buy online from here.
1979 Honda Prelude for sale in Ebay.  This was car for me which an ID gave me a taste of future.