Monday, March 31, 2014

modern David Brown

DB series at D-


I love you and Boeing 787 did not do you much brand damage

Miura at intersection


Big horizontal window slab.  Beautiful.  Even more beautiful is couple who endures uncomfortable chair like LC1 (like me)  Ooike House by Matsuyama Architect and Associates in Fukuoka

frozen let it go in multi language

Alfa beaut

So clean for sale $62K in Netherlands 


going nuts with their ID.  What is the theme?

blues brothers

lego police car

Sunday, March 30, 2014

sony Bravia

4K TV ad.  Using volcano in Costa Rica.

3 days after buying teenager a phone for the 1st time

Pretty much 1500 texting.  yikes.  If she used my plan, it would have been $1500

russian bike

float on water and AWD or 2WD bike.  funky tied tires

Apple ID 30 years


Beautiful raw wooden beam and charred (burned) wood exterior contrast