Thursday, July 31, 2014

small tent


with disc brake and flat top tube will be the bible

classic Mercedes with rear wing

Never seen this and looks B- but nice nevertheless.

burning smell

BMW drifting but spectators do not mind the burning ture smell?


with sapphire crystal glass with solar layer which charges phone.  Decent idea but since they plan to produce only 1911 (for the year they debuted their Chrono), the technology is either mediocre or so expensive.  But how they designed name Meridiist infinite on the back is so bad.  It is as if it can be nadged Vertu Phone or Fox Conn


fryebo led table lamp

1st I saw a consumer product which uses universal joint I was used to on Southbend Lathe.  Ikea for $25

Porsche Macan S

Such a open grill with CCD in the middle looks a bit fugly

asymmetrical surf board

by west of west.


G-shock is going mad and kind a like it.  Screw Patek

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Titanium flat bar

Like the looks of flat top tube and fat tires and disc brakes on this bike.

Key chain

Good idea.  I need it since my Porsche's bad ergonomics makes keys to hit my knees everytime I shift.  Orbitkey 

I beam

tall ceiling, big window = love

Sony and Samsung flat TV

Samsung has many Sony IDs so it might be natural for them to be looking like eventually but ain't this too close?

I.T store in Hong Kong.

Too bad it is on island side.

Alessandro Isola

Rug table

USB extender for iMac

Good idea and might end up cleaner desktop than what Apple ID intended.  How works on 21 and 27" pictogram is very clean as well.  Nicely done.  BlueLounge, the Jimi USB extension


New design book on Braun design meister.  I strongly think this cover page design is wrong especially the font choice, spacing on the foreword section lines and the title of foreword?  "Who is Dieter Rams?"  Some might think this book is a comic, not a designed book.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Coloful Salvage yard Berkeley

Bath tub, toilet, door, hooks and locks

new yorkboerum house & home store

Not sure what they sell but look irregulary cool

Minor 1000

My ex frog model making teacher used to drive this in Providence

garden bench

from Crate and Barrel


small and tall tennis player.  Good spirit.

Aston Martin

DBS Coupe ZAGATO Centennial C+


At annual Berkeley Kite festival.  10 Kites flying in coordination with strings crossing each other.  Amazing.

japan clip

LOVE JAPAN from David Anthony Parkinson on Vimeo.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Jaguar and Ridley Scott

mad max neo

Was it only the USA called it Road Warrior?  Mad Max Makes More sense to ME.


disc brake, i do not believe in it on road bike but love the black rim because of it.

Salvage recycle shop

2407 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: (510) 843-7368

salvage recycle yard

room runner dance

Mind Animation

Minds you, they are not gif animation but still images.  Your brain is doing the animation for you.  By Akiyoshi Kitaoka.