Friday, October 31, 2014

Audi Parking

skateboard downhill


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

356 Porsche outlaw

do not like the wording Outlow on car especially on Porische but good clip again from Petrolicious.

Porsche engine sound

auto drone

it follows user.  Love to use it for my bike commute.

Gone girl cover

This photo reminded me of Gone Girl actress or more so acting.

DIY Halloween spider

Samsung smartphone sales is declining

Fix your design then may be you can recover.  Fake stitched leather on plastic?  What were you thinking?

Moto Guzzi

GoPro on whiskey bottle

Berlin wall light balloon

It has been 25 years since the wall went down.

transparent airplane

Render looks cool but need it?

Audi Matrix headlight

nice but the clip used big display in the front?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Matchbox Lesney #12

Land Rover series II

nest and B&B Charles

Nest home page having B&B Charles ish sofa.  May be it is a real one but many wrinkles on arm rest which I do not have and bad redone cushion pattern.

Seaside house in Lebanon

by Blankpage Architects 

Bottle opener

called Loop for Field by Oscar Diaz


Nike Sock Dart Collaboration with fragment Design

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dude Eichler

Eichler quantity

Eichler advertising

Eichler Jaguar

Eichler advertisement

Eichler business card

Zagato Bentley and Ferrari

Bertone is bankrupt but made beautiful cars.  Zagato is surviving but makes fugly cars.  Life is not fair.

Ferrari 275 vs 250 Bertone

Steve Mcqueen liked 275 or so it saids but I think 250s are so sexier.  Two top images are 275s middle twos are Bertone 250s.

Wardrobe Exo

by Grégoire de Lafforest for Galerie Gosserez.

Road bike with disc brake

Cylon cocoon

Metallic Mechanitis butterfly chrysalis from Costa Rica

cloth with valve

monowheel music video

on Honda ?

buying requirement for La Ferrari

1: owning at least five Ferraris
2: recommended to Ferrari by individual dealers

Aluminum vs steel

Mercedes engineer discovered that going aluminum always does not save weight.  Aluminum Piston on the left.  Another thing I did not know is, the piston cap shape looking like them now a days?

Amazon Chromecast

hope it can turn up and down the volume