Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Porsche 911 rally marchal fog lamp

1978 Mercedes Benz 400 Series 6.9

Look how clean the instrument panel is back then.

No ID design Sony Alfa 7 II

Mercedes Silver Arrow project

Samsung 360º Speakers

Bjork robot ish ID 

National art gallery of australia / james turrell


Sunday, December 28, 2014


aerodynamic rainy shot.  There is a void in front of the headlamp.  Looks believable but real?

Imperial 1960

This interior quality in 1960.  Superb. 

jet engined tank

to shoot fire oil

Unagi in Kyoto

Somehow they decided to hide the eel below the egg in Kyoto.  $20 per bowl and small eel.  Taste so so, atmosphere superb, service good and price OK.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

pig foot snack at local seven eleven, Kyoto

vipp pad

Broken vase connected

reminded me of Kintsugi, the art of fixing broken Japanese ceramic with gold or lacquer 

Marc Newson Nike shoe exploded

crocodile swimming into air

Ferrari at Monterey auctions 2014

Tesla Roadster 3.0

One of the best acceleration car I've ever tried getting revamped.  Looks like front and rear wheel size are now different.

Anton strainer bowl

by Caveman 


Kawamichiya yourou soba pot in Kyoto.  Nice setting but young waiter boss is ass hole, food is decent and price is too high.  Never again.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Beautiful Porsche 911R

was for sale asking $70K.  Here is mod list.
Black 911R vinyl scripts
Bare metal strip to exterior tub
New floor pans and suspension pan installed by PO
911R steel flare custom formed and butt welded
RSR type hood with balsa and amber liner
911R front fender with bucket custom to Werks spec
911R front bumper to Werks spec
911R rear bumper to Werks spec
911R rear deck lid with amber liner
Steel early doors converted to 911R interior spec
911R plastic door handles
911R rear tail lights with lights
911R engine lid grill
Rear lid hold downs
Hood hold downs
911R stainless lid hinges
911R acrylic vented ¼ window with trays
911R Acrylic door vent windows with spin vent
Acrylic door windows with leather pulls straps
Leather door stops
911R front turn signal / side marker lights
911R Bi iodine headlights
New front /rear windshield rubbers
New door/ hood/ body 2 bumper seals
Large round durant mirror
Chassis stiffing engine compartment shock towers
Chassis stiffing at torque tube
911 R style race seats with basket weave inserts
Werks type roll bar
Perlon carpet kit
Dead pedal
New German vinyl off white headliner
Early dome light
5 point harness
Chrome SWB rear view mirror
Momo period correct steering wheel
Clock delete
Radio delete
Drive Train
Core starting motor 1982 large port long block
Static / dynamic balanced/ new bearings/ chains/ ring/ gaskets
Build install motor
3.0 crankshaft STD/STD polished
Rods resized/ rebushed/ balanced/ ARP rod bolts
J&E pistons 10.5 : to 1 pistons/ rings/ wrist pins
3 angle grind valve job
Regrind 4 journal cam shaft to S Spec Web Cam
40mm Weber carburetors rejected to 3.0 S spec tall PMO manifolds
908 style rain shield with tall air horns
RSR amber shroud and tins
3.0 recurved distributor
Bosch unshielded spark plug wire set
Pulstar Platinum spark plugs
MSD 6AL ignition and coil
1 5/8 RSR style headers
Biscoff muffler converted to Werks rally spec with baffles
KEP 215 mm performance flywheel / clutch pack
RSR motor mount
3.2 Alternator/ fan
3.2 starter
993 oil filter console ( replaced engine oil cooler
1967 aluminum 901 5 speed
MSX gears
Nice dogs New Scyros hubs
Oil System
1972 911 oil tank
External 80mm filler neck
Aluminum 80mm filler cap1972 911 S oil filter housing
1988 Carrera front oil lines and fender cooler
Coline oil lines custom fitted
911R overflow tank ( SWB washer bottle)
993 2nd oil filter housing (replaces engine oil cooler
Fuel System
100 ltr Rally type fuel tank with 100mm though hood filler neck
Holley Red fuel pump
Holley fuel pressure regulator and gauge
1988 Carrera front suspension
Boge 3.5” struts painted orange
964 4- piston calipers
Stock Carrera front torsion bars
RSR type front sway bar 15mm
964 4 -piston rear calipers
Boge rear shocks painted orange
Carrera rear adjustable spring plates modified for SWB
Stock Carrera rear torsion bars
RSR style rear sway bar 19mm
Dual master cylinder pedal assembly
Tilton masters 5/8 rear ¾ front
15X 6 Deep six wheels polished and shadow painted
195front tires 205 rear tires
80mm wheel studs
Open steel lug nuts
RSR front strut brace

Casio G-shock military black series

Good design never dies.

Jaguar bike support wagon

Mercedes GLE 450 AMG interior

versus Porsche Cayenne.  Porsche is more integrated. 

Hakone Hillclimb

Motor head with Mazda

1973 citroen dsuper5 convertible

For sale from Hayman with the superb write up as below.  $100K seems cheap for this design and quality.  
It is no coincidence that Citroen’s most brilliant design is called the DS. It so happens that the French word for Goddess is Déesse, pronounced the same way as the car. The clever word play was more than just a marketing ploy; it was a fitting name for a car the likes of which had never been seen before. By the early 1950’s, the Citroen Traction Avant was showing its pre-war roots and was due for a replacement after nearly 20 years of production. Typically for Citroen, a simple evolution of the Traction Avant was not to be. Instead, a revolutionary new car was developed and a stunning space-age body was designed by Flaminio Bertoni and André Lefèbvre; an Italian sculptor and French aeronautical engineer, respectively. Citroen attempted to redefine the limits of automobile design with their flamboyant new car. Amazingly, the DS was not a limited production showcase reserved for the super-rich. This was a car for the middle class, a mid-sized sedan with a humble four-cylinder engine and seating for up to six in unprecedented comfort. Under the space-ship skin was a thoroughly modern, highly sophisticated chassis. The independent suspension was sprung by an advanced hydro-pneumatic system that was self-leveling and adjustable for ride height. Inboard front brakes reduced unsprung weight and the DS was the first car to feature power front disc brakes as standard. High-pressure hydraulics controlled braking, steering, and the semi-automatic transmission. The unique tapering wheel track reduced understeer; a common issue for front-wheel drive cars. The DS and its down-market ID sibling remained in production for twenty years. Over 1.5 Million were built in an array of bodies – sedan, coupe, wagon, and highly desirable convertible models. In 2005, the DS was named the most beautiful car ever built by a panel of world renowned designers that included Paul Braq and Giorgetto Giugiaro.