Tuesday, March 31, 2015

porsche turbo and Magnus

Hire this quarterback

Middle School Walk Through Defense Slowly Touchdown Trick Play


Mugen, now a days, you just make things uglier.  Go infinity and never come back, please.

Shigeru Ban Onagawa railway station public baths

Bertone debate

Frank Gehry Facebook HQ

This shot shows not bad at all.

Goodwood classic beast

United Nude high heel evolution

1948 Buick with the latest Corvette engine

Not sure this is called Rat Rod or not but smiling all the way watching it.  Icon does have good taste.  Jay Leno.

Punkt Jasper USB outlet

I bet it is nice but MSRP?

McLaren 570s

Aggressive face and back but LED shapes looks too smiley coming up on your rear view mirror.  Also the light tan dashboard will reflect on your windshield heavily while driving.  No longer Gordon F1 is pure sport but a decorative sporty.  C+

Monday, March 30, 2015

360 hinge laptop



Leather saddle and 3 spokes wheel

Harrier motorcycyle by Se Service

Bimota Tesi progression in better form factor with a BMW engine

Bimota Tesi 3D Motorcycle

No front forks

Twin mono arm elf Honda motorcycle

Reminds me of the Bimota Tesi series

Puma suede sneaker Ewohaku

Print art on suede and make sneaker with random pattern.

Mercedes Benz Unimog

Rules 4X4 truck genre.  Their CI logo looking like the AMG one.

Lincoln Continental Concept

Audi A8 competitor.  Rear looks like latest SAAB

2016 Range Rover SV autobiography

Wood, Leather and Alloy trim.  Event seat at the rear.