Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jamiroquai Jay Kay is selling

His green Ferrari station wagon

Hyatt Place at Anaheim

Not bad at all for $150

Duck and plant display

Imagine it is a watch or jewelry shop.  Abbot Kinney LA

Colorful éclair dessert

At Bottega Louie LA

Funky murals

Graffiti Abbot Kinney LA

Real brick decorated food truck

Abbott Kinney LA

Confederates motorcycle

In wild.  Skinny and top light than I imagined.  Gas tank must be at the bottom.  Abbot Kinney LA

Gjusta ceiling light

Looks like they are replacing fluorescent tube with restoration furniture ish retro yellow lights.  Would be cool to do so in our garage.  Near Venice and Abbot Kinney, LA where serves lightly fizzed fabulous cucumber drink.

Shinola baseballs

Irregular shapes but leather felt good.  You don't know shit from shinola.  $40each.

Gjusta near Abbot Kinney

Cucumber cold drink, little sweet with fuz, the best.


I love California but this sign is the dumbest bureaucratic crap and almost every building has it.

Nice signage at Cal Poly Pomona

Draught tolerant construction pipe plant

LA downtown

Bottega Louie Los Angeles

Pizza base is not chewy at all.  Carbonara and Louie salad were OK.  B-

Mantis Shrimp

UC Riverside guide told us that it broke aquarium glass with a claw blow.  https://youtu.be/U11DgbefmQQ

Goldfish bike carrier


Vespa cornering in rain

Church fly knit display

By Aaron Asis

Wireless headphone

Nicely executed ear buds and charging system.  Sounds like it act as sound enhancer.  By doppler labs

Kengo Kuma

Translucent fake beams on the ceiling at tea house in Beijing

Tokujin ish light box called Neon

By Minimalux

Fishnet shoes

By adidas and parley.  Using illegal deep water fish net.

Ceiling lights on pole

qwstion bag maker in zurich

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I think I was once taught by him at RISD.  Citroen DS and motorcycle black and white pencil drawing 

picture frame display