Monday, August 31, 2015

velonia bicycles fixie 10kg

with Carbon fiber tube and SUS lug

New department store in Suzhou

Do we really need an another?  But this fabric peacock looked sweet.

Lapalma LEM stool knock off

In Suzhou.  Version 7

squid ink pasta

Although they used pre-pregnated ink pasta, tasted pretty good.  At Hyatt Suzhou.

electric scooter, date and chat


Toyota Rav4 plateau taillamp

A/C share

In Suzhou

cardboard recycler truck

In Suzhou 

Twelve hotel in Shanghai

Liked the dry bamboo fence

Freeway intersection Shanghai

Shanghai view

Hello Mordor


Benelli motorcycle Tornade naked

Aggressively cool.  TNT 899S

street Chess in Shaghai

Cosmetic surgery art

Tried to find images but no luck on web.  His exhibit was one of the best among m50 Shanghai this trip.

Painting graphic

At m50 Shanghai 

Rietveld Schröder ish House

At m50 Shanghai 

patinaed house graphic number

At m50 in Shanghai 

Indonesia ish buddha shop

At m50 in Shanghai 

Modern big glass door vs the steely original

Both likable.  At m50 in Shanghai 

bamboo in thin steel rusted planter

Wonder how they block their roots going nuts underground...  At m50 in Shanghai 

rustic patina doors and brick road

At m50 in Shanghai 


At m50 in Shanghai 

Uber logo

At m50 in Shanghai