Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Amazing sunset

Kira lucky android robot

Siamese fighting fish aka Betta gif

iPhone 6S lock screen ish

Tesla X safest SUV

or so they say

Peugeot concept car

Had sound deadening material booth and interior at IAA Frankfurt.

Galaxy Andromeda

from Nasa 4K high resolution photo.  What a small being we are in this vast space.  There has to be other sentient beings.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fuel Cell car

Why Honda or Toyota, you need to make the Fuel Cell purposely ugly?

BMW 2002 with blister fender


Peugeot bicycle

Always funkey and iconic but could use some description.  At IAA Frankfurt. 

Peugeot two tone slash

at IAA Frankfurt 

Citroen DS 2015 pretencious art couture

At IAA Frankfurt 

The real Citroen DS

60th anniversary at IAA Frankfurt 

Citroen DS 2015

The original ID and engineers are crying for mediocre successor.  D-

Citroen Cactus funky ID

Door side element is soft.  Rather crazy for them to went to market like so but love them for it.

Toyota C-HR SUV

Without the badge, I can not tell who did it but nice stance and ID nevertheless.  B-

Lexus RC300h

Fake rear gill or grill.  Shame on Toyota ID at IAA Frankfurt

Nissan Juke butt

Wait, did Nissan updated the pinched bumper portion?  It looks smoother.  But it is still lip sticking a ....  IAA Frankfurt 2015

Nissan Gripz SUV

Did grip my attention but any suicide and gullwing doors makes me think it is concept which will never be built as is.  Not bad overall stance.  At IAA Frankfurt 2015

asymmetrical wheel

IIRC, it was one an Opel.  Opel used to have a big presence at IAA Frankfurt but it seemed lost an energy.

Bridgestone airless tire

How do you deal cornering?  Looks still a decade away from daily use.  At IAA Frankfurt 2015

Renault RS01

Clown face.  At IAA Frankfurt.

Ford GT 40

Well, they can not call it GT40 anymore due copyright issue or something but this rev 3 was the worst of the show.  So much they could have done better and bit and pcs are not so bad but as a whole D+  At IAA Frankfurt

Ford Mustang

Big cheesy build since 1964 badge inside at IAA Frankfurt.

Slate Gray Ford Stationwagon

At IAA Frankfurt.

Honda naked

Asymmetrical formula.  One of the top five of the show at IAA Frankfurt.

Wood print Japan

A few hundred years ago in Tokyo, people were eating sushi like this.  Tuna and crab getting delivered.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Martian by Ridley Scott

Scott and Sci-Fi, how could I miss it?

VSCO office in Oakland CA

Beautiful ceiling pipe work

OK but no cigar

Honda NSX.  Pragmatic king and bit drives well.  B-

Porsche Rennsport Reunion at Mazda Laguna Seca 2015

Little tired of hearing drive it rather than store it again and again because many do drive it.

McLaren Honda F1

This year is not good but hoping for next.  At IAA Frankfurt