Sunday, October 22, 2017

Oma egg Taipei

Taipei fruit and vegetables

Bandai Gundam Zaku

Taipei Comic-Con

Metallic 3D printing filament

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Honda CB600F mod by Art Henschell of One-Up Moto Garage

Some elements look WIP of this motorcycle but love the embedded iPhone as an info panel.

amazing trampoline poetic stair

Hotwav Symbol S3, iPhone X knockoff

Comes in one with a notch and sans 

Habitas hotel Tulum Mexico

South of Cancun away from typical resort vibe.  The cabin tent looks like it belongs in Africa though.  Good luck having big glass.  I think it needs constant cleaning from salty mist.

Hut in Africa

Nest like shape reminded me of Shanghai Expo UK pavilion by Heatherwick. 
Segera, a wildlife sanctuary situated in central Laikipia, Keniya.
Superb photos by Jimmy Nelson

Kindle Oasis

Finally, it is a waterproof.  They went on further by getting ipX8 cert.  Typical phone is ip67~68 so that is noble.  ipx8 can do 2m dunk for 2 hours.  Nice Ofuro time coming up.

Thambar 9cm F2.2 lens

Here is 80 years old original

Leica is reviving it.  It shoots beautiful Bokeh photo yet it is not Bokeh entirely.  It reminds me of Gerhard Richter Candle painting.
1930's original lens is circulating around $5K so brand new rev for $8K is not bad

Khalid Saved tune

You Sushi Taipei

Pretty good.  There was a fresh oyster from South Africa.  What a logistic.  游壽司 中山店

Friday, October 20, 2017