Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Bugatti factory shots

The end result ID is B- but image in the article are nice.
23 topcoat colours and eight carbon variants form the basic range for the exterior. In the interior, customers can choose from leather in 31 different colours or Alcantara in eight colours, as well as 30 stitching, 18 carpet and 11 belt colours. In addition to this basic range, thousands of other colours are possible. And in addition to that, individual colours may even be created to match a favourite handbag or the label on a customer’s preferred brand of mineral water. There are also many other design options such as logos or initials on the bottom of the rear spoiler or embroidery on the headrest and leather inlays on the central console. With its customising program “La Maison Pur Sang“, Bugatti is virtually in a position to meet a customer’s every wish – provided that installation in a super sports car is technically feasible and meets Bugatti’s high quality requirements.

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