Sunday, April 30, 2017

mushroom nabe

azabu kikuzou chinese 

pop up book artist


Netflix Chef's table season 3

With Ivan Ramen.  Pretty slick story of him.  Had it once in Gotham west food market and felt so so but made me want to try it again.

Bonsai by Ryan Neil from Oregon

He is taking this hobby into another level 

Cadillac el Dorado land yacht

curve side scratch fix of a wheel

1971 ish Cadillac Eldorado

Massive land yacht.  What a difference in volume compare to mine.

Porsche 911 CARRERA RSR 3.8 barn kept

natural 24 years patina.  I know this is repost but found more images.  Inside red is too vivid or HDR is too high

NeoLucida XL Camera

For trace


on perforated steel mesh

Plastic chair house

can be done with Eames 

Canyon orbiter e-bike concept

The yellow groove would be hard to clean

Boring company Elon

Tesla underground tube for transportation

Knot springs spa Oregon

High end gym with a onsen style bath

Friday, April 28, 2017


felt it was Steve Jobs but guess not

Aisin at Milan with black liquid

not sure if it was sublime or not but feels like close but no cigar


Floating hotel ship with onsen bath


From Michelin design challenge

Aston Martin V8 Estate

3 Made by Aston.  3rd party might have designed it better.  Rear look unprofessional.

Sony A9 Camera boke dof clip


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Masamaro Fujiki’s CYLNDR electric shaver

cylinder concept.  Perforated 

GN Apartment

Nice wood contrast and sofa.  In Spain by Barcelona-based firm Francesc Rifé Studio