Monday, May 22, 2017

UA 747

United 747 SFO <> NRT is said to be retiring in a few weeks.  Will be replaced by 787.  RIP Jumbo.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hello Kitty check in

please don't let me.  I refuse to check in.  Taipei

Evergreen aka EVA

Good company, Taipei

Luxgen Taiwan made

Rode U6.  Spacious back seat, firm ride and decent build quality.  If ID can improve 30%, they will be a good international competitor. 

Uber driver

A lots of screens.  Music by smartphone, Sat-Nav, Uber app on a tablet, car main, car speedo and car HVAC.  Totaling to six.

老牌牛肉拉麺大王 Jajangmyeon noodle Taipei

So garlic and too oily for $3

PMQ Hong Kong

Not much changes.  Stale.

plastic chair

Can't remember whose design this is but had nice brown gray hue to it and comfy.  K11 Hong Kong

Crack House plate in Hong Kong

Drone beer delivery


one way to westernize it

pill earnings

car wash rain

Cliff Beach

Alfa Romeo on sidewalk

Porsche 914 racer fog

Surfboard balancing gif


Neil deGrasse Tyson's mom told him "It's not good enough to be right.  You also need to be effective."

Gogoro electric scooter

This is electric bike and wonder why you need a liquid tank?

Zaha ish lighting at Aloft Taipei

Nagoya kitchen Taipei

Beetle Nut shop Taipei

OCD garage

container as door

Small street in Taipei

I love small street in Taipei.  This was car shop street.

Lamborghini Espada

For sale on EBay 1972 

Taipei 101

Rental bicycle 

Gogoro electric scooter

By ex HTC team.  Good design 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Apple Park

Good article on Apple new HQ.  Gods are in details.  No detail to small.
Just wonder what Steve would have done about parking space mod.  Amazing feat and cool photos.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery 2017

Asian captain.  I guess Janeway series was popular so bringing female captain back?

Elextra electric car

OK stance but how does the front door opens?  Like Countach?

Grand Hyatt Shenzhen pool

Architect was perhaps thinking about Feng Shui but pool is not a place to mess around other than a rectangle.  This photo might look rectangle to you but it ain't.  Weird elongated hexagon and it is hard to do a lap.  Water temp was good but murky.  C+.

Grand Hyatt Shenzhen

Not that old but no washlet.  Great view and one can walk from Lo Wu border of Hong Kong.  Convenient and safer than Shangri-La.

Shenzhen China rent a cycle

Rare site where you can see the all four kind.  Each of them have an unique feature like easy to unlock, barcode scan then unlock with combination lock, never flat tire, mono arms and disc brake, etc.

Shenzhen China renta bicycle

Front and Back mono arm like Bimota.  Nicely made or so it looks like.  I just could not ride it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Maccha beer at Ichiran HKG


Alfa Romeo Montreal


Gloss black with disc fixie.  Nice accent here and there including the steer lock.