Wednesday, August 23, 2017


triple pencil

wish I had this when I had to practice Kanji back in elementary school 

why paint metal can because

Ken Okuyama Kode 9

Obviously he was Speed Racer fan but this new creation indicates that he had his apex at Pininfarina while working with Italian coworkers.  C-

Fisker Karma

Perhaps nothing changed but feels like it has gotten fuglier, Fisker ...  It was B- to begin with but this new side proportion, it has been downgraded to C+

Ferrari Portofino

Big wheel can not deter me from noticing bad proportion.  The butt is too fat.  How many times a typical Ferrari owner drives with 4 occupants?  Get rid of rear seats and achieve cleaner line.  Also the name supposed to came from the most beautiful city in the Italy.  I drove by there once but did not know that.  Renzo Piano office is nearby.  B-


Exterior, I am not too much fan but interior with Alcantara and genuine Porsche Sat Nav in the dash is a nice touch.

Royal Mail truck van

low down rat rod Porsche Targa

world is flat sticker on long hood Porsche

Chinese truck water spill from freeway gif

Poor motorcyclist 

Elon spacesuit


Rough design 

Eichler roof

My neighbor with the exact same floor plan as michler is peeling roof off and redoing with the tar.  Flat portion had foam but they are tarring it.  Must be the original lover.  Backward but a good sign.  

Here is Us and Them photo.  Love that tune by Pink Floyd.

Monday, August 21, 2017


No more need to use tie downs.  For Kayak and Surfboard.  Tempting.   $220

Amino acid supplement drink

Reminded me of the movie Cloud Atlas by Wachowski 

Jinsei Michelin star Sushi joint in Osaka 尽誠

Korean Michelin in Osaka Houba


Fisker's apex.  Kidney grill is no longer kidney but no doubt this car's price will go up and up.

Partial solar eclipse in California

Sunday, August 20, 2017