Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Blue Lagoon Iceland

cliche but beautiful nevertheless.  They managed CI and graphics right.  A few UX improvements which they can learn from Japanese onsen system.
  • Color of water
  • Pure size
  • Booze allowed
  • Kale smoothie drink with Banana, Mango, Spinach, OJ and ginger
  • Corporate logo and the shop design
  • Locker locking system with a wristband 
  • Wrist band to add extra charges
  • Gull Beer 
Area of improvement
  • Towel management.  You get one at check in but when you go dip, you have no way to track which one is yours since the entrance area is rather small and towel hanger is full with other people's towel
  • Shower room floor can be slippery.  
  • Locker room size is just too small for the number of visitor
  • Water temp can be 3C higher for some area who prefers hotter
  • Plastic cup should be made out of corn starch and make it floatable so it will not sink after usage
  • Locker at the gate is confusing.  Now I know that is for bigger luggage but some might think that is where leave all the small valuables which is not.
  • With this number of visitor, you can do $30 instead of $50 per person
  • Kids get in free but no 1st free drink?

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