Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BMW bike

I like the asymmetrical in car and bike but right headlamp design feels like old Kamen rider bikes.


luggage plus kick scooter on kickstarter.  Bet it will get funded and made.  Concourse is now a Racecourse.

New Yorker Dew gif

Lufthansa powerful graphic

Folding Electric bike

Nice spoke detail.  Called Gi Bike.

Shwood for Pendleton 2014 Fall Canby Sunglasses

Nice finish and shape.  I'll take it sans side logo and pattern.

polygon Kawasaki 1000cc 300HP

A bit like Lamborghini new ID direction but looks cool.  Do a dark desert camouflage on it and all set.  Wonder how turbo feels on a corner when kicks it in though.

Early Porsche 911 line drawing

They considered 3 seater at one time?

Goodwood, Porsche and Magnus

bad ass Volvo

Joaquin Phoenix new movie

could not quite tell from this trailer if this gonna be good or not but so far has the interesting casts.

Porsche Surf board

Probably 74 or so at museum

Finland poster graphic

Move F to the left and elongate horizontal lines.  

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Burning man

Another sublime shot from it

Lego ish robot in concrete

Boris Tellgen x Case Studyo “A Concrete Toy”

Braun BN0142 (white/blue)

Saids now this watch is made by Zeon.  Wonder who made my white one from 2 years ago which had a mechanical failure and Braun swapped it for free.  I do not need those dots by the hour and blue band but 2nd time zone needle is very nice feature for a traveller. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

iPhone progress

Whale and rainbow

Pee color dyhdration chart

Of course, darker = bad = drink water

Luigi Syd

Colani and Mead combined ish truck for Walmart.


Smallest charger for Apple lightening or Micro USB

iPhone 6 and beer

fixing water dipped devices

Friday, September 26, 2014

1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake

One and only with GT40 engine in it.  Was going for $8000 (355HP) when regular fastback coupe was selling it for $2600~$3000 (120HP~320HP, 3400lb)
Porsche 912 (100HP, 2140lb) at $4800, 911 at $6000 (150HP) and 911S at $7000 (180HP, 2300lb).
No interest at $8K so only made one.  Almost 50years later, sold for $1.3million with the original Goodyear Thunderbolt tires.

Facebook attention to detail

Just realized Facebook earth rotates to where you are.  Nice touch.

crocodile swimming



How to pronounce Japanese car manufactures

We need one for Canon, Nikon and Nintendo game characters like Ryu and Raiden.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kiffy folding tricycle

Brompton competitor

Mercedes Autonomous truck in action

New Audi TT

Exterior B- but impressive interior which has no center display like the rest and bright LCD in the middle of HVAC air outlet like the concept we saw last year.  A+

Now and then

Initially thought this image was now and then of the famous National Geographic photo but no it is recreation with John Malkovich

Shell V-Power Lego Collection

It is no longer a lego but just plastic car toy

Bomber deploying missiles

Looks like some kind of evil war bird symbol like Eagle from German flag.